Teams and Roles

Information Technology:

Daily distribution on such a massive scale requires state of the art technology support. Our efficiency through swiftness of our order processing and delivery has been made possible through the usage of modern tools, hardware, and application software, acquired from leading IT solution providers. The quantitative data generated through our system allows us as well as our principals to access every possible piece of information required at a town, outlet, batch and product. Career opportunities in IT include IT Development, IT Network and Support, IT Research and System Solutions.

Finance and Accounts:

To enable smooth and healthy operations of the business, Finance & Accounts department ensures standard operating procedures are followed in order to mitigate risks. Careers in finance include areas such as Finance Operations, Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Analysis, General Accounting and Taxation.


M&P can share and translate the vision of its business partners in the market place. Our employees are trained, have market insight, professional experience and operational expertise, which enables them to better identify and fulfill market needs and provide that additional edge our principals need to achieve their objectives. You can become a part of M&P through its ELP, UIP or career opportunities arising from time to time.


It doesn't matter where an outlet is situated. If we cover it, our frequency and level of service is designed to cater to and satisfy the need of our two primary customers; our principals and our trade partners. We manage our network of retailers and wholesalers in a manner that ensures prompt and effective distribution and merchandising.

Marketing and Sales:

We have been increasing our outlet base and have been engaged in the process of developing new channels to feed the market more effectively. Our coverage is widespread which encompasses a large variety of stores from chemists to general stores from super stores to paan shops, from cosmetic stores to kiryana outlets, from bakeries to photo shops. Our strategically located, fully computerized sales and branches ensure that the outlets are serviced regularly.

Corporate Development:

Corporate affairs at M&P provides career options in areas such as Corporate Communications & Corporate Secretarial assignments.